We Make Websites


People are naturally drawn to beautiful objects. We know this, so we invest a lot of creative thought from our partners GWDesign.

GWDesign is a creative design studio which integrates with Nami Software to create the most delicious websites known to mankind. If a site isn't engaging on an aesthetic level, the viewer is not drawn in. Nami Software websites are well thought out and well designed to appeal to the senses of the viewers, and ensure that your brand is front of mind while the viewer is loving their online experience.

All successful projects begin with a little Good Thinking.


Hosting & domains

No more limits. This is webhosting the way it should be. Our dedicated hosting servers are the most up to date machines serving data on the internet and we control them to your every wish and desire. There's almost nothing we cannot achieve with the power we have behind us online. Regular backups of data ensure your information is secure and recoverable from almost any disaster smaller than Armageddon.

Nami Software can supply almost any level of domain name you require. Most countries are covered for regional identification. Even the countries you didn't know existed!


Beautiful Code

The best website design is no good if it doesn't do anything. We work with you to make sure that your website moves, works and functions the way it should.

We also work to ensure that the code we write for your website is of the highest quality, and will continue to work and be easily maintained in the future.


D.I.Y. — Do It Yourself

DIY is our flagship software product designed to bring the ease of running your website back in to your own hands. The software has been built and designed in the most intuitive of fashions to allow a quick and easy learning curve and then robust operation thereafter.

The DIY package is a piece of software which can be installed behind any website we host and comes with a range of features for your use. You can edit pages, load a photo gallery, run a web blog or news system, events calendar, or upload easily downloadable files. All this functionality in one simple package.

Need some more functionality? No problem! We can customise features to suit any particular needs, and custom build entirely new functionality should the existing offerings not cover enough. And worry no more about updates and being up to date with the latest versions. The entire software package is loaded online and kept up to date 24/7 so you will always have the latest and greatest version.


If you're not being found in web searches, you're missing a great chunk of potential customers.

We employ certified Google Advertising Professionals to ensure we offer you the highest level of SEO service available. All of our websites are built with the most recent coding methods and validations, and we can easily integrate methodical Google AdWords campaigns.


DPS & e-commerce

Let Nami Software create your ultimate online e-commerce solution for you. Our online shopping or ordering facilities come fully equipped with DPS Solutions secure credit card facilities for instant online transactions. Fully secure systems take the concern out of the daily functioning of the sites and real time electronic transactions ensure your money gets in your bank as soon as possible.

Custom development

Need a completely customised online solution? Our PHP developers have got the know-how to make it happen. An online ordering and documenting system, a file sharing uploading downloading facility, or a custom built online programme to ANY scale. If you can dream it, we can build it, host it, manage it. Couldn't be any easier.


Email marketing

Integrated in to D.I.Y. is a pretty simple to use HTML email marketing system which allows you to keep in touch with any of your databases of friends, clients, family or enemies. We'll build you a custom HTML-based template with all of your favourite designs and/or corporate styles and then you write the email, load it up and send it on its way. The software then does all the hard yards and shows you who has opened the email, read it, clicked on it and all that jazz in a really good look and easy to follow format. You'll love it. Lots of dials and graphs and stuff.